Photo Friday, “Stag Beer Sign 2”

As promised in this post, here is a shot of this beautiful old, recently-restored sign near my house. The first time I posted a shot of this sign, I used color film in my then recently-acquired Olympus OM-10 camera. This time, I used my trusty original silver Canon Digital Rebel. I shot in RAW, which is something I don’t normally do because I don’t like having to fiddle with my shots if I don’t have to. This is the result of my first attempt at RAW developing with Adobe Lightroom, and I have to say that I was impressed with the ease of making adjustments and pleased with the quality of the result. I may have to get this one printed and framed.

Photo Friday, “Donuts Fit For The King”

Grabbed this shot while out for a short walk this afternoon. I normally wouldn’t post a cell phone pic, because the camera on my phone is not very good. But, I was pleased with how this came out – kind of reminds me of my photographic hero, Walker Evans. I have also shot this place before,¬†with my Olympus OM-10, so more to come.

Photo Friday, “SF Bay Split Tone”


The original, unedited shot.

This is a shot of San Francisco Bay. The original was shot on color slide film, but was almost monochrome, due to the gray, misty northern California weather. I decided to convert it to black and white, but it still lacked something. So, I tried a split-toning technique in Photoshop, which definitely added some much needed contrast and a little drama to the shot.