Create An Etiquette Guide to Help Staff Work From Home

With the new normal of videoconferencing and remote work, even some of us who consider ourselves to be tech-savvy can get a little bewildered. Beyond the technological considerations, there is a whole new world of behavior and etiquette to maneuver through. To help employees navigate this landscape, it can be helpful to create a guide that spells out expectations and eliminates confusion.

Moleskine, maker of the popular notebook that bears its name, is headquartered in the Italian city of Milan, and although they had begun putting together a remote working strategy before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had not yet fully implemented it. As it became apparent that their mostly office-based workforce would not be able to continue to work on-site safely, they had to accelerate their plan and begin their work-from-home program practically overnight.

To help their employees transition to a kind of work that most of them were completely unfamiliar with, Moleskine created a 12-page “Smart Working Etiquette” guide. This guide covers basics, like what you should wear (no pajamas) to where your workstation should be set up (the brightest, most comfortable part of your home), as well as how to run efficient virtual meetings and carry on effective communication with teammates.

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