Level Up Your Skills With Lynda.com and Your Library

With most everyone spending more time at home lately, now might be a good time to finally learn that new skill you have been meaning to add to your repertoire.

Your local library, even with physical branches closed, is an excellent resource for learning new skills. For example, many public libraries offer patrons (library card holders) free access to Lynda.com, the popular, video-based tutorial site that features courses on a huge array of subjects. A quick scan of the offerings includes an eclectic mix of topics, including basic computer skills, management, languages, public relations, and many, many more. No matter what your interests are, you can probably find a course that will work for you.

I am currently taking a course on Digital Marketing, hosted by Anson Alexander. It’s a beginner-level course, and it is not going to earn me any kind of certification. It is, however, teaching me a lot about digital marketing that I did not know before, and helping me decide if I want to take that next step and get certified. I would say it is a very worthwhile use of my time.

One of the many useful courses offered by Lynda.com

One note: Lynda.com was purchased by LinkedIn in 2015, and rebranded as LinkedIn Learning. The service is still offered under the Lynda.com name by libraries, and in order to access this free resource you will probably need to go through your library’s site. Check with your particular library for the details.