Evermade’s technicolour, rainbow-themed posters by leading artists to thank NHS workers

Brighton-based design studio, Evermade, has once again commissioned artists for its latest poster series, this time raising money for the NHS and standing in solidarity with key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic the way they know best – design.

Besides the positive messaging, these lovely, colorful posters offer vibrant visuals that definitely brightened my mood this Monday morning. Via Creative Boom.

A wonderful, typography-filled performance of “Peter and the Wolf”

This was just what I needed on this rainy quarantine day. From the always awesome The Kid Should See This:

In 2014, Camera Lucida and Radio France teamed up to create a series of classical music-filled apps for children. One of these shared Sergei Prokofiev’s Pierre et le loup in a typography-filled adaptation by Gordon (Thierry Guernet), Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, and Corentin Leconte. It’s a stunning version that mixes animation, musical symbols, and musicians, featuring the National Orchestra of France, conducted by the maestro Daniele Gatti.

Don’t let the name fool you, The Kid Should See This has plenty of wonderful stuff that adults will enjoy, too.

Movies and Documentaries for Creatives

Most everyone is (hopefully) staying at home much more these days. But, even if you are working from home, you probably have more free time on your hands. Netflix and Prime Video offer a multitude of mindless distraction, but why not watch something that could improve your art or inspire your next masterpiece?

The Pixel Surplus blog has put together a list of the “27 Best Movies & Documentaries For Creatives”, and while it does contain some fairly well-known choices, there are several on the list that I, personally was previously unaware of.

So, pop some corn, fire up the smart TV or laptop and widen your design horizons.

What I’m Listening To: Lullatone

I don’t often listen to music when I do design work. Depending on the task at hand, I sometimes find it distracting. However, lately I have been engaged in some tasks that don’t require a great deal of concentration, and was happy to have recently discovered the music of Lullatone through the wonderful SwissMiss email newsletter. The most recent edition featured a link to a marvelous web app called Patatap. Created by Shawn and Yoshimi of Lullatone and programmer Jono Brandel, it’s a soundboard of sorts, allowing you to make music (or just noise, in my case) by typing at your keyboard.

And check out some of Lullatone’s music. It’s soothing and upbeat and innocent – just what I need in these uncertain times to ground me and keep me focused.

Photo Friday, “Stag Beer Sign 2”

As promised in this post, here is a shot of this beautiful old, recently-restored sign near my house. The first time I posted a shot of this sign, I used color film in my then recently-acquired Olympus OM-10 camera. This time, I used my trusty original silver Canon Digital Rebel. I shot in RAW, which is something I don’t normally do because I don’t like having to fiddle with my shots if I don’t have to. This is the result of my first attempt at RAW developing with Adobe Lightroom, and I have to say that I was impressed with the ease of making adjustments and pleased with the quality of the result. I may have to get this one printed and framed.

W. E. B. Du Bois’ Hand-Drawn Infographics of African-American Life

Infographics are, to me, one of the more perfect intersections of art and science. To graphically represent complex data in a novel, visually exciting way takes real talent – even in this era of scripted, programmatic data analysis. Which makes these hand-drawn infographics by pioneering author, sociologist and activist W. E. B. Du Bois all the more remarkable.

Among his many other talents and interests, Du Bois must also have harbored some graphic design ability, because these graphics are, in my opinion, prime examples of the artform. They were created for his groundbreaking work, “The Exhibit of American Negroes”. According to Du Bois, they attempted to show “(a) The history of the American Negro. (b) His present condition. (c) His education. (d) His literature.” I think they achieved this goal, and much more.

You can read more about Du Bois and see more of these infographics at The Public Domain Review.

Hire Me

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