“It’s alive… ALIVE!”

frank-pic-6Just in time for Halloween, and after a recent extended period of inactivity, I am reviving this blog.

I think I messed something up, trying to edit some of the theme PHP code, and ended up losing my entire database – posts, portfolio projects, photo uploads. Since I had not really posted a lot, I decided that rather than try to recover it all, I would just start over. There are a lot of things I learned about blogging in general, and WordPress in particular, during the birth of the blog. Things that I will do differently this time (mostly on the back end, out of sight of the reader) that will make it easier for me to post, maintain and promote.

I will reprise some of the posts from before, some others I will let lie. I will probably focus more on design, which means “That’s My Jam” will be retired, but I will continue Photo Fridays, as most of my photography tends to feature typography in some way. Over the next few days I will reconstruct the portfolio section, and hopefully expand it.